Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Candace Moore Wedding New York 10.16.10

Working with DM was a really fabulous experience. I actually woke up the day of my wedding and had no idea how I wanted my hair to look. I was super indecisive! Ultimately I told DM to just "go for it"... and he totally amazed me! My hair looked better than even I thought it could look and by trusting his professional opinion and really putting my hair in his hands I was thrilled. He's great to work with - very flexible, very calming, very easy to be around and to have involved in your wedding. I was so glad that I used him and would recommend him to anyone who asks for a great stylist. He knows how to work hair in so many different ways and he's got a lot of tricks up his sleeves.
P.S. It was SUPER windy the day I got married. Like an awful, windy, scary cyclone outside. My hair totally held up during the outdoor photo shoot (!) and looked perfect the whole day. I was so happy and relieved. In every photo it looked perfect.

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