Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lisa Marie Distefano Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach Wedding 2.23-2.27.2011

What an amazing wedding!! The jewels, shoes, two stunning wedding dresses, hand made couture dresses for the family, celebrities, black tie, police escort to and from the church, with a four day wedding and seven hair changes for the beautiful bride Lisa Marie. I was honored to have the opportunity to be part of such a joyous occasion and meet such a wonderful person with her incredible family. I was in a tuxedo changing hair and witnessing a real fairytale.

Starr Haymes three day Wedding at the Flagler Museum and Mar-a-Lago Palm Beach 3.19 to 3.21.2010

What an amazing wedding. I changed Starr's hair nine diffrent times during her three day wedding. The Flagler Museum is beautiful and the Mar-a-Lago is just a fairy tale.

Melissa Siebel Wedding Bahamas Great Guana Cay Island 5.28 to 5.30.2010

Celebrity Reshma Shetty New York Wedding 3.19 2011

Celebrity Reshma Shetty is on the hit show Royal Pains. I gave Reshma two diffrent hair changes. One being very Traditonal Indian braid with huge beautiful flowers attached to the hair and the other loose and California wavy for the evening. I loved all of the theatrical colors from the beautiful dresses to henna tattoos. Reshma looked absolutely radiant.