Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Q&A: Beauty Buzz! with DM LUXURY BEAUTY by Kleinfeld Bridal

You have your dress, your shoes, your earrings, your purse and of course your handsome groom - What about your hair and make up! I sat down with DM of DM Luxury Beauty, one of the top international wedding hair artists in the industry. DM dished on insider tips, amazing wedding locations, favorite celeb, most popular wedding day hair and more. Here's what he had to say. 

Q: Favorite/Most Elegant bridal hair style?
A: There are so many that I love but I would have to say the modern 1940's loose S wave pulled slightly to one side. It gives brides the look of having her hair done and still look like they are attending there elegant wedding and not jsut a backyard BBQ with just loose waves.  

Q: Most requested bridal hair style?
A: I can't say that there is one hair style more requested over another but I used to do one hair style for the whole wedding day. What I'm seeing now is brides asking for two to three different hair looks for the wedding day, with the bride changing wedding dresses in between. I did a 7 day wedding in Italy where there where different hairstyles every day then on the last day, being the wedding I changed the brides hair 3 times in one night. 

Q: Favorite wedding location USA?
A: I have two. I love NYC you can get married in the spring/summer and have your outdoor celebration with all of the majestic surroundings or you can get married in the fall/winter with autumn leaves and winter snow. Just amazing every day of the year. The other is Palm Beach. The old charm, palm trees, warm breeze and of course the beautiful blue ocean. Both are different but truly spectacular places to get married. 

Q: Favorite wedding location International?
A: Cote d'Azur French Riviera. The only way to explain the amazing beauty is to actually be there and see it for yourself. Stunning. Italy and Monoco are just as amazing and the brides I have worked with from each country are absolutuly beautiful.

Q: Most memorable wedding?
A: The most memorable wedding would have to be my own as my wife looked ravishing in her wedding dress (Editor's Note: Awwwwwwwwwwww) and her hair and make up was superb done by yours truly. We had an amazing time with our family and friends. 

Q: Biggest bridal party you've styled?
A: I once styled 25 girls in one morning by myself at the request of the bride. I normally bring in my team of artists for larger bridal parties. We can accomadate any size really, including mother of the bride, mother of the groom, bridesmaids and even the flower girl(s)! 

A Wedding at The Pierre Hotel, NYC

Q: How many years have you been styling hair?
A: I have 15+ years of hair styling in the fashion industry, celebrities, print, and beautiful brides.

Q: How many years have you been styling brides hair for weddings?
A: I am pretty exclusive and the only way to find me is through a refferal or a ramdon internet search. (No social media) I am not for everyone as I make brides understand the importance of looking your best for your wedding day. Lets be real after the cake is gone, the band stops playing and your flowers are wrinkeld to nothing. What do you have left? The way a bride looks in pictures and video with family and friends.

Q: What other special events have you done recently?
A: Awards Show season is always a fun time. Every year I fly to LA and other parts of the country to work with Celebs on the red carpet from Academy awards, Golden Globes, Grammys and Emmy awards.

Q: Who is your favorite celebrity to work with?
A: Would have to be Miley Cyrus, Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson. They are beautiful and sexy with all the right curves plus great hair by yours truly!

Q: Favorite miracle hair product?
A: I use two key products in the industry - dry shampoo and light hairspray. You don't need anything else I promise you.
Q: Where's your home base?
A: I am based from NYC, Palm Beach and LA. I live in each city during different times of the year and travel around the world for beautiful weddings. 

Q: What are your top 3 tips for brides?
Tip 1: Choose DM Luxury Beauty for your wedding we are truly the best and most experienced.
Tip 2:  Make sure your wedding dress is from Kleinfeld! (Editor's Note: I swear I didn't twist his arm to say this!) They have the best gown designers, the most amazing alterations staff and truly care about the bride.
Tip 3: Please, please, please do your research and hire a great photographer, Tip 1 and 2 won't matter if your pictures aren't good. 

A Wedding at The Plaza Hotel, NYC 

Flagler Museum Wedding Palm Beach

Interview with DM Celebrity Hair Artist by CECI

Every girl knows it’s the ultimate treat to get your hair done. A great stylist can make you feel like a million bucks in a matter of minutes. But when you’re in the wrong hands, the opposite can also easily happen. That’s why I always turn to hair genius DM. Over and over again he has proved that there is no ’do he cannot do. He always takes my straight, boring hair and turns it into a gorgeous creation. Plus, his precision and speed allow you to relax and even show off multiple styles in one evening! He has never let me down yet – and I’m quite picky. And have I mentioned his star-studded portfolio? It’s such an honor to work with a true artist and professional.- CECI JOHNSON

DM’s extraordinary passion for his work and sensibility towards beauty has allowed him to share his love of hair in New York Palm Beach/Miami and L.A. DM’s creations have filled the pages of fashion and bridal magazines and he has coiffed celebrities for red carpet events and made every bride look like a movie star. DM is undeniably the leading hairstylist for luxurious hair. DM’s amazing ability to create signature hair for his clients, brides and celebrities has secured his position as one of today’s most sought-after stylists.
Hair Styling 101: Interview with DM Celebrity Hair Artist by Ceci Johnson
Ceci: Tell us about timing. When do you need to book a hairstylist for your wedding or event?
DM: Brides should book a hair artist right after they get their wedding dress. Remember, stylists are just one person, so we tend to book up quickly since we can only do one bride a day. If you want beautiful hair for your wedding day, make sure you pick DM Luxury Beauty the best artist for you. After everything is said and done, what is left are your pictures with memories of what you looked like. You will be showing these forever and you want to be proud of how amazing you look!
Ceci: How do you choose a hairstyle that’s right for you?
DM: It depends on your dress, venue and decor. The bride should be presented with lots of options from her hair artist so she can see as many ideas as possible. Most brides never get to see their hair in a range of styles so it is up to a great hair artist to show her as many as he can. Personaly I always show up to 10 diffrent hair ideas in a hair trial. From a celebs look on the red carpet to california waves you need to see us much as possible to be sure.
Ceci: Should you wear extensions? What’s the real story? Will your hair look fake?
DM: Extensions are great for everyone not just fine hair. If a bride wants to look her best on her best day hair extentions will give it the WOW factor but with out anyone knowing. Your hair will look fake if the extensions are not made from the best hair. (which DM provides) In other words, make sure your hair artist gets you the Gucci of hair. Otherwise it will look plastic.
Ceci: How do you determine the most flattering way to part hair? Does it depends on the shape of your face? Please advise us on what we should do.
DM: Anyone with an oval shape without a large nose can basically part and wear their hair any way they like. Other people should consult a hair artist to figure out the best way to hide their flaws. It’s no different if you are a heavy-set girl trying to pull off skinny jeans – it’s all about balance.
Ceci: I always want to wear my hair down and wavy but I’m worried it won’t last. How do I achieve long-lasting, all-night curls?
DM: For long-lasting curls or any hair style for that matter, You need to have the hair prepped like a celeb does before any event. How do you think the hair last all day into the night. The key is not any special tools or products but truly someone with great experince and knowledge. Book DM now!